Vandaag is mijn 2e dag die ik moet schrijven…dus daarom weer in het Engels.

Today we woke up in our lovely cabins on the Hurtigruten ship! Martha, Caroline and I shared the cabin and all had a very good sleep on the boat. After the breakfast the anouncement was made by the captain that there was a heavy storm going on around the North Cape and we weren’t allowed to go on land. Because of the storm, many roads were closed and we couldn’t have made it to the view point. therefore the Hurtigurten made another route and passed the view point of North Cape on the sea. And really…it was even better! We loved the stormy wether outside on the deck and we really enjoyed the view from the cliff where the view points is situatied. We could see the wellknown globe and offcourse we took a lot of pictures with this view! So we were even further North then you should normally do! 🙂
A couple hours later as it was planned, we were finally at our destination, where with had this nice waffels and a short brake, before we went onto the bus which had to drive us al to way to Alta. But because of the storm we couldn’t loose any more time, so we had to go further as soon as possible. On our way it was a bit of exciting ride…..snow was blowing over the roads and the bus was shaking from the winds….it was thrilling! For two times we have to wait for the convoy, which had to bring us over the mountains. The wetter was really that bad!
But hours and hours moved on and we had to enjoy ourselves. So there was this nice bottle of Aquavit again and we passed the bottle untill it was finished. But then….there was another bottle….and we kept on drinking untill everyone was feeling this little rush…. 🙂
And then….when we were waiting for the second convoy, we were dancing in the bus and some us wanted to do some Zumba. Because of the lack of space in the bus, we went outside and I did my Zumba lesson as I normaly do that back home in the Gym! Some guys in a car were playing the music very loud and good for us they had some Zumba numbers….so there we are….dancing a flash mob in the snow and between the trucks….waiting to get further with our journey! We had so much fun! And everyone was dancing!
After a 7 hours drive, we finally were in our hotel in Alta. We had diner in this nice restaurant nearby the hotel and had some more beers afterwards. It was a day full of travelling, over the water and on land. But still it was a day full of fun, lots of food on the boat, lots of drinks in the bus, humor, singing and dancing! This was again a perfect day of Norway, your way!

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